FACT-Based Leadership

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FACT-Based Coaching

Coaching isn't about directing, manipulating or fixing people. It's about building the capacity for a performer to function at a higher level. FACT-Based Coaching offers leaders a model where they become a thought partner and advocate for the performer. Start by participating in a live workshop or blended distance learning program for an introduction to the basic competencies. This creates a foundation for gaining the skills, knowledge and exerience to become a certified FACT-Based Coach, FACT-Based Advance Coach or even a FACT-Based Master Coach

FACT-Based Thinking

Good leadership = Good judgment!
FACT-Based Thinking takes leaders through a process that results in quality decision making and problem solving. This engaging approach to critical thinking not only creates quality output but also encourages continuous learning and development. FACT-Based Thinking not only improves your performance but the process itself creates ongoing performance improvement.

FACT-Based Organizations

Put a good person in a bad system and the system wins everytime.
While improving the performance of individuals in an organization is important, if the organization's culture, systems and strategy isn't aligned then high performing individuals will become, frustrated, burned out and disengaged. The FACT-Based Organization uses perspective, innovation, engagement and learning to identify, align and develop an organization where customers are delighted, employees are engaged and shareholders are excited.